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Learning At Home: Recommendations and Links to Resources
Posted 3/17/20

General recommendations:

1.  Try to establish a daily routine. This will provide children with a sense of safety and security in an otherwise unsettling situation, and help them transition back to school when the time comes.

2.  Limit screen time to 1.5 hours (this includes online learning tools, video games, etc.), and limit sessions to 30 minutes (recommended by the AAP and WHO)

3.  Review basic academic skills.

4.  Wash your hands a lot, and practice ‘social distancing’!

5.  Have fun with your family!


Daily Academic Options:

  • Read, or be read to (20 min. for K-2 students, 30 min. for 3rd-5th graders)
  • Journal Writing - 
    • K/1 - Practice writing the alphabet or sight words, draw a picture and write a sentence or two about it.
    • 2-5 - Record daily thoughts, 3 Gratitudes, memorable events, etc.
  • Practice Math Facts (make it fun!)
  • Complete an activity from the Choice Board 
  • Complete one hour of physical activity - outside or inside.
  • Utilize online learning options:
  • Complete i-Ready Reading lessons (no more than 2/day) 
  • Complete i-Ready Math lessons (no more than 2/day)
  • Practice typing skills
  • Explore available resources and activities in


Click Here!! Great Resources for Lessons, Virtual Field Trips, Author Read Alouds, etc.