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Forum notes 12/8/15

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Welcome and Introductions (13 parents in attendance)

Mr. Gorton shared 4 school wide goals from LCAP:

  • All students will receive a high quality education with equitable high expectations, access to technology, and CCSS that prepare them to be college and/or career ready to be adult members of their community.

  • All students, families, and staff will participate as learners in a safe, healthy, inclusive, and welcoming school environment.

  • Parents, family and community will be informed, engaged and connected as partners with school and district staff to support student learning.

  • High quality, culturally proficient, and responsive staff will be supportive of all students, respectful of all students’ backgrounds, and invested in the education of all students.

Ms. Fairholm reviewed Comprehensive School Safety Plan.

Mr. Gorton reviewed sate assessment data (CAASP)

Parent Questions:

CAASP data from 2014-2015 is baseline data, first year of scores.

K, 1st, 2nd do not take state test CAASP. They utilize Common Core Curriculum and iReady Common Core assessment to prepare students for upper grades.

Teachers receive professional development through professional development days and early release Wednesdays to continue to develop skills around Common Core Standards.

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) address the need for students to have multiple ways of solving problems and skills to access resources to find solutions. CCSS also stresses need for collaboration to solve problems.

Parents asked for a way (text) to be notified of safety drills so they are aware and can discuss with students to support .