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Registration procedures

Registration for 2019-20 School Year

**Please read this entire page for important information. Thank you.**
***Registration for new  students is in progress. Phone information is at the bottom of this page.
If your child is currently a student at Hidden Valley, you do NOT need to re-register!
Registration for all grades is done online but you will still need to pick up and return additional paperwork at our office to complete enrollment.
Please click here to enter your online registration data. You can do this part nowTake your Aeries Online Enrollment Summary and required documents to your resident school site on February 5, 2019 
1. After doing the on-line portion of the registration, you still need to complete some district forms (Home Language Survey, Student Medical Information) and other documents specific to Hidden Valley. These are available in the office beginning 1/21/19. Immunizations must be complete for your student to be enrolled. Health exams for TK and kindergarten students should be done after March 1, 2019 but before school starts in order for the student to be allowed to start school. More information regarding immunization requirements may be found on the MDUSD website under "ENROLL NOW".
2. Documents required for registration day are: original birth certificate, immunizations, and three proofs of residence, one of which is a photo ID. Please see the MDUSD district website for valid forms of address verification.  We do not accept any utility bills or phone bills.
3. Please be sure to check our district website to find the correct school for your student. Some addresses in Martinez are in the Martinez district, others in our district. We will be verifying your addresses before accepting registrations.
TK and kindergarten times at Hidden Valley are as follows:
Early Friends 8:10-11:40 with 8:10-11:25 on Wednesdays
Late Friends 9:55-2:05 with 9:55-1:10 on Wednesdays
  You may register your children for TK/kindergarten if they meet the following criteria. 
Children who will reach the age of five (5) years on or before September 1
are eligible for Kindergarten.
Children who will reach the age of five (5) years between September 2 and December 2
are eligible for Transitional Kindergarten (TK).
School hours
Grades 1-3:  8:00-2:25, dismissing at 1:00 on Wednesdays
Grades 4-5:  8:00-2:35 dismissing at 1:15 on Wednesdays
NOTE:  There are two before and after school day cares on campus. You need to contact them directly for childcare.
YWCA (925) 229-5659    YMCA (925) 372-7271
 If you have questions you can contact Adriana Chong in the school office at 228-9530. To leave a message, call 682-8000 ext. 84301.