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Physical Education Schedules

Home PE Suggestions:

Our first assignment is an activity log.  For this activity log we are having students engage in activities of their choice for a total of 60 minutes per day.  We have provided resources (Family Fitness Calendar, Drop Everything and Move Calendar for March and April, YouTube: Dancepl3y) that students and families can reference.


Second assignment - juggling with tracking progress and goal setting.  

Juggling - continuously toss into the air and catch (objects like socks, trash bags, tennis balls, etc) so as to keep at least one in the air while handling the others.  

4 steps to juggle:

  1. Know the object.  Determine which object you would like to use to juggle. A pair of socks? Kleenex? Garbage bag?  Tennis ball? Toss the object and let it drop to the floor. See how quickly it gets to the floor. Does the object fit nicely into your hand? Will it be easy to catch?

  2. The toss. Toss object from one hand to the other hand. Catch and toss back to the other hand. Make the object arc like a rainbow when tossing. Repeat until you feel successful with little to no dropping of the object. 


3. Two objects. Toss object from one hand, just like step 2.  Start with the hand that has two objects. However, before catching the object, toss object in other hand. 


4. Three objects - same as step 3 but start with the hand that is holding two objects. Catch the second object while throwing object 3. Repeat juggling patterns with all three objects.                  

At the end of each day of student practice, students will be completing a reflection journal.  Students may complete online reflection form, hard copy of the reflection form, or a recorded audio response, to the following questions here on this document or via links.

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Response Questions:

Day 1:

  • What object did you select to juggle? Why?

  • How many series did you successfully perform without the object dropping?

  • What is your long-term goal? (two-weeks)

Day 2+: 

  • What object did you select to juggle? Why?

  • How many series did you successfully perform without the object dropping?

  • Were you able to reach your goal for today?

  • If you were able to reach your goal what helped you to attain it?

  • If you weren't able to reach your goal, what can you do/change to help you reach it tomorrow?

  • What is your goal for tomorrow?

Last day of juggling:

  • Did you achieve your original long-term goal?

  • How do you feel about your accomplishment?

  • What did you find worked or did not work throughout the juggling time period?

  • What are your thoughts about juggling?       

References for juggling:

Video - Link to video 1

             Link to video 2

Blog: Link to Blog