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First Grade Lessons

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Distance Learning Google Link

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  • Link to Embarc Helpful to parents for teaching our ENY green module. Videos for you for each lesson and other resources if you need them.
  • Attachments for Epic! - include login instructions (Leveled Reading for your child. Each student has been assessed and has a Guided Reading level that is in the comment section of their last report card. (Students will know these books as those they put in their book boxes and use during our Daily 5 time. Good idea to use during "Free Choice Read" in schedule.)
  • Trouble matching ZEARN to your green module lesson? Some of you may have found that the ZEARN lesson did not match your ENY green module lesson. I think this is because I had to reset everyone to Topic D (which starts at lesson 13 on ZEARN) so that we could all start in the same place for Distance Learning. Zearn does not give students the opportunity to jump ahead on lessons within a Topic. They must complete them in order. Because of this, I will be resetting to Topic E on Friday and then it should all match up. So sorry for confusion.

Finally, I know this is such an uneasy time for all of us. I think of your children and families all day long. Just do your best with everything that has been assigned and move on.


A little bit of advice: Children will thrive on routine. If you can stick to a daily schedule, it will go more smoothly. Even posting a daily schedule on a whiteboard, piece of paper, chalkboard, etc. will make life easier on you. They will not be constantly asking what is happening next. For flexibility, write things that you are not willing to change in black, and the things that may change in a different color. This allows for flexibility and the children are used to this system in the classroom.

Please give big hugs to all the kiddos. I miss them tremendously!